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Cleanup Services for Your Home Or Office

Get rid of the junk with the residential and commercial cleanup services and trash removal offered by Out Of Site in Reading, Pennsylvania. We offer cleanouts of homes, businesses, and estate properties. Let us take care of the backbreaking work of hauling away unwanted items that are too big for the trash company to remove. We also remove items from the exterior of properties.

Home Cleanout

Whether you are selling your home and need to get everything out, are a landlord who wants to clean up a rental property, or simply want to declutter your basement or attic, we can handle the job. Estimates are free, and the price never increases after an estimate is given as long as all of the debris intended for removal is there at the time of the appraisal. Our crew will schedule a date and time so we can get started. Turnaround time is phenomenal, and we are incredibly thorough in our work. There is a minimum pickup charge of $100 for every job.

Estate Clean-Up

If a loved one has passed away, and you are in charge of cleaning up the property, we can help. Our staff will go into the home and remove all items, disposing of the trash and donating anything worthwhile. Rest assured that we will always ask permission first before donating anything.

REO Clean-Up

Our services are ideal for homes owned by real estate companies and banks. A clean property gains much more attention and has a higher overall value. Our professionals will remove appliances, cabinets, closets, and anything else necessary to put the home up for sale. The homes we clean out have a better chance of being sold, as evidenced by our track record.

Hoarding Clean-Up

Put our efficient services to the test if you encounter a hoarding situation. Save yourself the hassle and extensive time commitment it takes to clear out the home of a hoarder. We'll come in and get it done as quickly and easily as possible.

Business Cleanout

Don't relocate your business until you call us. We'll come in and remove all of the junk that is left behind. All items are either recycled or taken to the dump.

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